A Sweet Surprise

I have never been good at surprises. But, when a good friend of mine called and said she had quite a huge surprise to give her husband and she wanted me to capture it, I couldn't deny the opportunity.

It took days of coy operations to get the plan in place, but it all came together and was honestly one of the sweetest moments I have been witness too. Of course, we had the extra blessing of a light sprinkling of rain the day of to help make it extra fun and unique.

This was just moments before she pulled out a second, smaller umbrella, and a tiny pair of shoes.

Just moments after she told him, he was so taken by the news that he was going to be a father again, this time to his own. He is already an amazing step-father.

Congratulations to Stephanie and Andrew on your pregnancy. 
We can't wait to meet the new edition in a few months!

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