Summer efficiency!

This family has a tradition with Mamarazzi that has spanned 5 years now!  Each year around the July 4th holiday the kids & grand kids come to San Diego to visit Grandma & Grandpa.  Each year they schedule their Mama photo session and get their Christmas card pictures knocked out early!

Grandma & Grandpa love sending out an annual holiday card with their entire crew...

Of course, they get precious pictures with their grand girls as well...

Then, the next generation captures their annual holiday card photos, all at once!

4 years old can be a tough age for smiles, especially when there are turtles lurking that are asking to be fed.  We had a lot of talk of turtle poop, fish poop, and Grandpa's in pink bikinis, we'll do whatever it takes to get these kiddos smiling.

We were thankful to capture all the critical photos before big sis slipped into the lake...whew!  

Thanks to the L family, we'll see you again next Summer!

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