Finally a happy ending...

Hi Everybody, its Tricia.
As many of you have heard, I broke my heel last year during our annual Help Patrick Walk fundraiser. I was in the midst of a photoshoot with a beautiful couple, Patrick's uncle and his fiance, showing them just how to pose....hanging from a train car.. that's right.. a train car. You won't believe this, but I slipped off. Okay, so if you know me, you knew that would happen. Well, I landed right on a railroad tie and broke my heel, the hardest bone in your body to break, at least that's what the doctors told me. It took eight weeks in a cast to heal, and thankfully didn't require any surgery or therapy.
But, back to this beautiful couple. Can you imagine? Watching your photographer/stunt person fall and seriously injure herself? It was awful, and super embarrassing for me, but how awkward (yet funny) for them. They were amazing though! They ran and found me some ice, then stayed with me until my superhero husband came and carried me to the car, then helped to finish the last two photo shoots for me.
This was the best picture from the fateful shoot:

I finally had a chance, after a couple of reschedules, to repay this couple by doing an unlimited photoshoot all around Balboa Park. We had such a good time. They really are great people, and oh so forgiving.

A huge thanks to Tony and Kelly for being so gracious.
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