Huge family, huge fun

It doesn't get any better in life than having fun doing what you love, especially when it's for friends of the family and their huge family. We met this group at Windansea, in La Jolla, and spent the hour before sunset doing pictures in the sun and the sand. They were so lively and exciting to work with.

We had fun working with all of the six children, who each had the best personalities and such good manners! We were super impressed with this bunch.

What a wonderful gift for this family to all be together. This weekend was a special one. One of the sweet older girls was receiving her first Communion, and the whole family came to embrace her and celebrate her.

I am so glad they found the time and energy, in the midst of the celebration, to come and do some pictures for their memory books with Mamarazzi. We enjoyed their energy and willingness to relax and have fun!

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