Father's Day Pictures

We offered a Father's Day deal this year for families in the Temecula. Old Town Temecula has such a neat feel to it in the evenings.When we get the opportunity to book more than one family at a time, we know just where to take them. There are so many picture perfect places with all the buildings and beautiful clearings.

What better gift to give Dad than awesome pictures of his kids and wife? This mom and her kids haven't had pictures done since the daughter was a baby, so this was a novelty for us! We love being able to share the gift of memories. I think Dad was probably beyond thrilled.

The last time we saw this family, the son was just a shy toddler. Now he is a ball of smiles and energy. What a joy to photograph. Daddy is on deployment and will be back in a couple of months. Just imagine how big his smile was, abroad, seeing his loves in these beautiful pictures.

We can't thank these families enough for trusting us to put these memories in print for them.
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