I Heart Faces - Texture

You can almost feel the joy...

I heart faces is having another contest, and we are totally sucked in, so of course we are entering!

Stacey took this picture of Sydney on a dry, sunny afternoon. You know us Southern California girls have to have umbrellas even when it rains only about 3 times a year. We experimented with various textures until we came up with just the right style we were looking for.


I Heart Faces - Best Face Photo

Mamarazzi just heard about an incredibly cool way to share a favorite picture! I Heart Faces has a contest right now called "Best Face Photo", seems like a fun idea, so we thought we'd join the fun!

Here is a picture of the littlest one between our two families. Tricia gets credit for the baby, Stacey gets credit for the outfit. We took lil' Miss Carleigh to the park to get some pictures with her buddy, and unfortunately neither were up for the gig. Carleigh was mid laugh.... and then meltdown!

Thanks for looking!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Mamarazzi!

We'd like to share with you a brief snapshot of how much fun we had during 2009. It was a great year thanks to all of you!

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