Beyond the family portrait

We have so many loyal, amazing clients who think of Mamarazzi year after year for their family holiday card photo. We are so thankful for that! But, what we also love is a change of pace, something beyond the portrait, something new and fun! 

Do you have a big party coming up, and want to enjoy the event while still having great memories captured? Mamarazzi recently attended a retirement party, and was able to capture fun photos for our clients.

We were also recently asked to capture pre-prom photos for this lovely crew. Give us a call to arrange photos before your formal dances!

Do your kids play competitive sports? Do they have a big game or tournament coming up? Want some amazing action shots of them? Give us a call, we can attend a game and capture the action while you enjoy watching.

Just send us a quick email to get a quote for any special event that you'd like us to capture. We'd love to help, and have great pricing!


Let's hear it for the boys!

We did a lot of senior portraits this past year, mostly girls. The girls are typically eager to get their pictures taken. However, this past week was filled with fun boys! Let's face it, posing and smiling for a stranger at age 17/18 is not their idea of a fun time!

So, we have to give it to these handsome men, and thank them for allowing Mamarazzi to capture this important milestone, and give their mamas something to cherish! Great job boys!

All four chose unique settings too! That made this week extra fun for these Mamas too.


Honoring the class of 2021

This years' high school seniors have not gotten to enjoy all the typical thrills of the last year of high school. No homecoming dance, no lunches with friends, no sports. It's a big loss, and one that can never be regained. 

Luckily, this pandemic didn't take away the ability to capture safely distanced senior portraits! Mamarazzi has had a blast with each teen we've had the pleasure of photographing, and wanted to honor these strong students!

If your family has a senior who'd still like to get photos done, please let us know. We have great pricing, and plenty of time to capture an unforgettable year!

In the meantime, congratulations to all of these gorgeous and handsome students! Thanks for allowing Mamarazzi to help capture these memories.


Recreating Memories

Mamarazzi had a fun little task at one of our sessions. The mom sent us a picture that she had done of her daughter years ago wondering if we could capture something similar of her her son. We love these opportunities.

How adorable is it to see the difference between the play of a pretty princess, 
and, the dress up of an energetic little Spiderman?

Thanks for trusting us to recreate such a sweet memory for you, Todd Family! 

Return to photos!

Thank you so much to the families who joined us for our first photo day special post-quarantine! We were excited to get back out in the field and do the work that we enjoy so much. It helped to have three adorable families to work with as well.

Of course, we had to commemorate this crazy time for a couple families, with a standard mask photo. Let's hope this doesn't become the new normal! They do look super cute though!

After taking care of the quarantine style photos, we were back to (mostly) normal and had such fun capturing these beautiful families. Our photographers kept their safe distance, wore their masks, and all was well! We hope to schedule another round of family photo days toward the end of summer so we will keep you posted on our schedules! Please stay safe out there, everyone!!


Class of 2021 Senior Portraits - Summer Special

This year one of our photographers has a high school senior of her own! We're not sure how this is possible! But, it has gotten us planning ahead, and ready to offer several senior portrait days during the summer. This is a great deal that you won't want to miss!

If you book a session during one of our pre-specified dates, the price will be just $150. This session fee will include all of your images in digital format, full-resolution, with full rights to use and/or print the images as you like. We feel this is a perfect accompaniment to the traditional studio portraits that are offered for the school yearbook.

The current dates we have scheduled are:
8/1/2020 - Old Poway Park
8/2/2020 - PQ Preserve
8/16/2020 - Old Poway Park

All sessions will be during the evening, between 4:30 pm and 7 pm.
If you'd like to reserve a spot, please email us at Please let us know your date preference, and any time constraints. We will do our best to match everyone up with a spot that works!

Please note: You can also schedule your own individualized senior portrait session, in the location of your choice! Our prices are still very reasonable. View our pricing page for more information, and email us if you'd like to schedule something.


Post-Quarantine Photo Specials

It looks like Mamarazzi will be able to get back to business as (somewhat) usual this month! We know many of you have been hoping to get senior or family portraits, so we wanted to offer a post-quarantine special. We hope you can join us!

Our photo day will be held on June 26th, 2020. Time slots available are:

  4:30 pm
  5:00 pm
  5:30 pm
  6:00 pm
These sessions will be held at a park-area in Scripps Ranch. 

** Thanks to the great amount of interest, we have filled up all of our post-quarantine time spots! We will schedule another discount date toward the end of Summer **

Mamarazzi photographers will be maintaining a minimum 6-foot distance from all clients for safety. Your family will not be asked to wear masks during your session, but please keep them handy in case other families are still in session when you arrive, etc. 

In order to reserve your time spot, please email, and list the time options that work for you.

If you're unable to attend this date, or the times offered don't work for you, but you'd still like photos soon, please also email us and we will do our best to set up another date.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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