When things don't go as planned...

Sometimes we arrive at a photo shoot, things look great, we think "This is going to be easy". Unfortunately, with kids, emotions change fast, especially with a tired and hungry three year old who has their own ideas on how a photo session should go....like, changing into pink when the entire crew had agreed on blue! 

The start with the K family was a little rocky...

This is when we just grin get to work. Stella is such a sweet girl, but she had to get warmed up. All kids have their moments, nothing new! It just took a little time and patience, and we ended the session with some amazing, and FUN photos. 

The grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins were in from out of town so time was short, and rescheduling wasn't an option.  We had to pull out all of our tricks to get this cutie to sit & smile for the pics.

One thing that we love about what we do - things don't always turn out as expected, or go smoothly, but we're certain that in the end we'll capture precious memories that the families will look back on and smile about.  These are the real moments and that is what photography is all about. 

Thank you, K family, for thinking of Mamarazzi and for letting us capture this special family reunion for you!

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