A new spot with repeat customers - makes for a great day!

We love trying new places and getting a fresh new look for the frames. This is Grape Day Park in Escondido with the Sutherland Family. We had a couple of shoots that day, 20 quick minutes each, but it was enough time to capture quite a few gems.

I love all the colors and textures of the different buildings we encountered. 

            We had such a good time with these two beauties and their family was a breeze to get gorgeous pictures of. 

We also saw the Vesco Family who are about to add one more little love to their already big gaggle. 

We could feel the anticipation between them as they wait for their baby girl to enter the world. 

We can't wait to meet little Miss Lucianna when she completes their family. 

If you have a spot you love, or find a new spot you'd like to try, send us a quick note and we'll get you scheduled! 

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