The Mamas here at Mamarazzi love to see extended families. We love to see them come together, and we love capturing them together for the memory books.

We started with the Semingson family. They came to us with four generations. We met a family of four, along with the Mom's Mom, and her Mom as well. It was beautiful to see them blend together as a family, and so interesting to hear them speak in German, which was Great Grandma's language. We met them at Harveston Lake in Temecula, and spent an hour seizing each precious memory we could before Great Grandma was to head back to Germany.

And of course we had time for a little silliness. 

The following weekend, we visited another Grandma and her adoring Granddaughter. They love to spend time gardening together, so we spent a lot of time in their backyard that is near and dear to both.

Once more we were able to get a generational picture. Three generations of women in Grandma's beautiful backyard, where they love to be. 

Think of us when your family needs pictures of generations of love. We would LOVE to be there for those moments with you. 

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