An ugly day turned pretty

Last Sunday we went out to Oceanside for our most recent Senior portrait session. We were there the week before and it was gorgeous - sunny skies, very few people, and clean water under the pier. This was not the case this time, the skies were as grey as could be, it was freezing cold, there were people everywhere, and some disgusting odd black muck was gushing out of a pipe, causing black water under the pier that we had hoped to use in our pictures. We considered rescheduling for a moment, but then decided we could make it work, and look at these gorgeous results! You would never know the gloomy conditions by looking at the resulting pictures.

Mamarazzi offers a great Senior portrait special. It's an affordable opportunity to get pictures different from the standard school photographer shots. For just $99 you get a 30 minute photo session, and an online gallery to choose an 8x10 print of your choice. Get the entire session on disc for just $50 more. Contact us to schedule your session!
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